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“Thank you for one of the best nights
I have had in a very long time!” – Camille C

What They Saying About Me?

"Regina DeCicco is one of the funniest comedians I have seen. She made our crowd ROAR, and everyone has been talking about her since the show. She had prepared material which was hilarious, but then used and interacted with the crowd to come up with just the funniest nights. She is an absolute professional, kind, and truly SO FUNNY. Thank you so much, Regina.... we could not have been happier, and will look for any reason to hire you again. You're just amazing."
              - - - Jennifer R., Alzheimer’s Fundraiser

“I attended The View on Wednesday 6/5/19 and I just wanted to let you know that you were PHENOMENAL! Every show needs your energy! I can’t wait to see more from you!”
              - - - Jazmine H., guest at ABC's “The View”

“The View’s hilarious in-house comedian & all around fantastic Queen Regina DeCicco never ceases to put a smile on my face and make me laugh so hard each & every time I’m there. Love her!!”
              - - - Kavin B., guest at ABC's “The View”

"Regina was the crowd warmer upper and is hands down one of the funniest people I have ever seen do it. Not a single person was safe from the storm. Not even Whoopi. Her magic alone was worth the show. Funny is sexy and this woman has it in spades. Ms. Regina, may you crush every damn thing you touch."
              - - - Celeste R., guest at ABC’s “The View”

"Just wanted to thank you for your closing act at our fundraiser. By the time you got to the bit with the plunger and somehow linked it to Game of Thrones, I was in tears and my stomach hurt from laughing. That was quite awesome."
              - - - Beth P., Planned Parenthood Fundraiser

“I love Regina’s energy, personality, and humor. She is definitely one of the best warm up personalities that I have seen, and I look forward to seeing her each time that I attend the show!”
              - - - Adonis C., guest at ABC’s “The View”

"Just calling to tell you, keep up that character. It's very, very funny. The more I think about it - it's iconic and it's hilarious. You were absolutely great at Italian Night. I hope I see you soon. Bye Sweetie."
              - - - Dominic Chianese from The Sopranos, we performed together at The Friars Club

"I'm the gal whose mom said 'Regina! Catholic girl, right?' We came two days in a row just to see YOU! Anyway, I wanted to write you personally to thank you for your pep and hospitality! You were precisely what the doctor ordered. You see, (and this isn't on social media) my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer's Disease last year and so we're very busy making the most of every day right now. You are definitely not to soon be forgotten!!! Thank you for being a highlight of our week in the big city, two days in a row!!! We love you and watched you from your website on our train ride home last night."
              - - - Lauren R., guest at ABC’s “The View”

“Everyone at the club is still talking about how funny you are and how much you made the evening.”
              - - - Candi C., “We’ve Got Friends” Fundraiser

“Regina, ‘Thank you’ is not enough to really capture how grateful we are the universe made our paths cross! You have shown us such kindness and love so genuine that it has really impacted our NYC experience! We are leaving this week but departing with a hilarious, talented, beautifully made friend in our hearts and memories! Continue spreading joy and laughter wherever you go!"
              - - - Maddie W., guest at ABC’s “The View”

"You did such a wonderful job today of interacting and bringing such vibrant and joyful vibes into The View."
              - - - Dorothy T., guest at ABC’s “The View”

“Today was my third time coming to The View in the last couple of months, and I just wanted to tell you that you are literally THE best thing about coming to see The View in person! I think you are SO good at your job.Thanks so much for making The View a super fun show to come too, especially when you're not a very political person like myself.”
              - - - Andrea D., guest at ABC's “The View”

Regina Is Amazing, Compassion, Courageous and Creative! She Uses Her Humor to Teach, Heal and Build Bridges! She Is a Wonderful Actress, Comedian and Earth Angel Wayshower!”
              - - - Melony M., guest at ABC’s “The View”

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